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    email communications - For grammar check

    I have doubt on following my email communications, could you please correct it?

    1. Please make him absent. I called him around 8:00am and came to know that who was in Jubail. I informed Time Keeper around 8:15am to make him absent.
    2. HRS and manpower supply agency neither take any initiative nor confirmed for the status of vendor code.
    3. Please hand-over to our driver Mr Syarip(0552145647) who will be available at H.O around 3:30pm.
    4. Due to shortage of accommodation at Tanajib camp, we advised him to stay at Jubail until the commencement of welding activity.
    5. We have site stock materials around 1000 cum of backfilling soil, please verify where this materials can be utilized.
    6. Our welding work may start within a week. As per the attached list, we need all 4 welders(including failed one) since we have a huge welding at Substation. (Note:One welder failed)
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    Re: email communications - For grammar check

    I don't know how you make somebody absent, nor do I know what that means.

    I am totally clueless about the second one.

    What is meant by "shortage of accommadation"? Lack of space?

    You have to hand over something. You can't hand over nothing.

    What does "failed one" refer to? One of the welders?

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    Re: email communications - For grammar check

    Perhaps you meant "Please mark​ him [as] absent". This means that you would make a mark on a list of names to show that this person was not there.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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