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    disillusioned than those

    One might wonder whether there is any reason to be concerned about overconfidence in students. After all, confidence is often considered a positive trait. Indeed, research suggests that students who are confident about their ability to succeed in school tend to perform better on academic tests than those with less confidence. That said, negative consequences also stem from being too confident in the classroom. Students who are overconfident about their ability to succeed in college end up feeling more disconnected and disillusioned than those with more modest expectations. Overconfidence can also leave students with mistaken impressions that they are fully prepared for tests and no longer need to study. Students who have relatively accurate perceptions regarding their progress in learning tend to use more effective study habits and perform better on tests than do those with more error-prone views of their knowledge.

    In this "disillusioned" , what kind of dream-like idea do "students' break? Also, do they cause others break it or do they break it on their own?

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    Re: disillusioned than those

    The illusion that they learn is false is that they are likely to do well in college.

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