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    Writing an English essay (Global warming)

    Global Warming
    Our world is in trouble, global warming is becoming a bigger issue every day but what can we do about it? Global warming is a phenomenon where the concentration carbon dioxide in the air becomes higher and reflecting the sunlight back to earth, this warms up the earth and having all kinds of consequences on the world. The consequences global warming has on the world As we now know global warming warms up the world, but what does the “warming up” have for effects? The icecaps on the Artics can melt this will cause a rise of the sea level, a rise of the sea level will force us to build higher dikes and more precautions in case of a flood. Maybe global warming is a good thing, apart from the melting of the ice caps a higher temperature seems nice right?
    How do we prevent global warming?
    To prevent global warming we have to start with the cause of global warming. Like I said in the introduction the cause of global warming is a too big of a concentration of carbon dioxide. The main cause of a too high of a concentration carbon dioxide is fossil fuels, when we burn fossil fuels for energy 2 products take shape; carbon dioxide and water. So if we just stop burning fossil fuels it will be over right? No unfortunately fossil fuels and the cheapest and easiest way to get energy and that won’t change until we solar panels become cheaper or wind energy becomes more efficient. The only way to end global warming is to plant for plants that will turn carbon dioxide into oxygen (this phenomenon is called photosynthesis) this is in my opinion the best option we have to end global warming.

    Thank you for reading,

    I would like your opinion on my essay, if you have any tips for me respond to this thread.

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    Re: Writing an English essay (Global warming)

    Hi Christmaster, Welcome to the forum.

    When are you going to hand in the essay to your teacher for marking?
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Writing an English essay (Global warming)

    A piece of advice for the writer: avoid comma splices!

    And there are too many questions in the essay. Try using indirect questions instead.
    Translator, editor and TESOL certificate holder, but not a teacher. Native speaker of American English (West Coast)

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