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    burrow deeper under the quilt

    Hi there!

    I need help to understand what 'burrow deeper under the quilt' means, from the following paragraph. This paragraph was taken from the book 'I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban'.

    That morning had begun like any other, though a little later than usual. It was exam time so school started at nine instead of eight, which was good as I don’t like getting up and can sleep through the crows of the cocks and the prayer calls of the muezzin. First my father would try to rouse me. ‘Time to get up, Jani mun,’ he would say. This means ‘soulmate’ in Persian, and he always called me that at the start of the day. ‘A few more minutes, Aba, please,’ I’d beg, then burrow deeper under the quilt. Then my mother would come. ‘Pisho,’ she would call. This means ‘cat’ and is her name for me. At this point I’d realise the time and...


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    Re: burrow deeper under the quilt

    She would pull the quilt further over herself, like an animal snuggling in its burrow.
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