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    Question The pronunciation of email from recorded sound and dictionary


    This is a sound contains the word "email". I recorded this sentence from a movie (Cantonese from Hong Kong).

    As a comparison, below is the standard pronunciation of "email":

    This is the story about the "email":
    When I'm talking to Hong Kong people (Some of my friends), if I pronounce the "email" like the one from the movie, they can understand that I am talking about "email". But if I pronounce the "email" by using the standard pronunciation as the dictionary, they seem don't understand and ask me what I am talking, and then I had to re-pronounce the "email" by using the first one.

    I have tried to ask this same question in Chinese forum for many times but no help. Some say the first and some say the second. No one give me the correct answer.

    The question:
    1). Can you hear the difference of the pronunciation of "email" from the above sound and the dictionary?
    2). Is the pronunciation of email from the sound correct?

    I usually pronounce the "email" by using the standard from the dictionary, but I am afraid of saying it when I'm talking to Chinese people.

    Please help, thanks.

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    Re: The pronunciation of email from recorded sound and dictionary

    I had to listen to the vocaroo recording four times before I heard the word "email" in it. I'm not 100% sure I heard it at all -- is it the first and second of the last four syllables in the recording? That should answer your question about whether Anglophones can hear the difference -- the Cantonese pronunciation barely sounds like "email" to us.

    The American and British pronunciations at the linked dictionary page are correct and normal.

    I think the answer to your question is that you should use the Cantonese pronunciation when speaking Cantonese, and the English pronunciation in English.
    I am not a teacher.

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