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    Purchasable refinement


    Can anybody tell me what purchasable refinement means in the text?

    That she should be his heiress was rendered urgently desirable by the low ebb, at present, of the Cass finances. Papa Cass—a gaunt, low-slung, long-toothed man of sanguine complexion and with a general unanalysable resemblance to a rocket—was in poorish health and needed delicacies and more of what he called ‘purchasable refinement’. Night-work was telling on him, he complained, and therefore also indirectly, on Mama. Old Thedie was a rum’n and it was hard on Babs to have to suck up to him as she did, but it would be worth it, for her and all of them, in the end.

    The Renegate, John Metcalfe, 194?

    Thanks a lot.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Purchasable refinement

    I take it to mean nice things that one can buy.

    The book's title is probably The Renegad​e.
    I am not a teacher.

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