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Thread: lead them to/in

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    lead them to/in

    Job Interview between a boss and a new teacher
    Boss: 22. How Would You Win The Hearts of Your Students?

    Teacher: I believe that teachers are in the classes for their students, not contrariwise. I always look at every lesson, exam, or after school activity from the point of view of the children. Will it help them in the future? Are they going to enjoy it? Does the goal of the activity correspond with the overall direction we try to lead them to/in? I always ask myself these questions and believe that is the way to win their hearts – to do things for them, not for us. Children are sensitive. One can win their hearts by being humble and friendly. An authoritative approach builds barriers between teachers and pupils, and it makes it impossible to win their hearts. I would simply try to communicate with them on their level. I would listen to their needs. That’s the best thing I can do to win their hearts and respect.

    Hi everybody,
    I have a British friend. He told me I should use "in" not "to" with "lead" in the above context.

    But why? Dictionaries say that we should use "to" with "lead". Do you know the reason why we should use "in" instead of "to"?

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    Re: lead them to/in

    If your dictionary suggests that only to is possible, you need a better one. You lead people to a place or a conclusion, but in a direction. Other possible prepositions include out, from/to, around, and probably others I haven't thought of.

    The boss should have capitalized only the first word of the initial question.
    I am not a teacher.

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