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    Please help me to answer this

    Indicate by using the letter a, b, c and d above the appropriate word what part of the question would be stressed in order to elicit each of the answers.

    1. Did you say you were leaving tonight, for Wales?

    a) No, I said Wells, in Somerset.

    b) No, I'm off tomorrow.

    c) I most certainly did not.

    d) No, my twin brother said that.

    2. Is he going to take that job as a salesman abroad?

    a) No, he's staying in this country.

    b) No, he's changed his mind.

    c) No, he's been offered a job as a divisional manager overseas.

    3. Are you seeing Colin this afternoon on the promenade?

    a) No, I'm seeing Roger.

    b) No, it'll have to be this evening as I'm busy.

    c) Yes, most definitely.

    d) No, I'm seeing him in the arcade.

    4. Is your son flying to Paris?

    a) No, he's off to Brussels.

    b) No, it's my daughter who's going.

    c) No, you know he's scared of flying.

    d) Yes, he's going tomorrow night.

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    Re: Please help me to answer this

    We don't do students' homework, Maroj.

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