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    which IELTS band could I get?

    Task1. The table below shows the results of a survey to find out what members of a city sports club think about the club's activities, facilities and opening hours. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make any comparisons where relevant.

    Recently a survey has been carried out to estimate the degree of satisfaction of a city sports club range of activities, facilities, and also opening hours.
    Female and male respondents were taken separately, which shows how the opinions of the two genders differ. For example, almost one-fourth of he female respondents were very satisfied with opening hours, whereas there was only about a half of all men satisfied with the same thing. At the same time, only 5% of male respondents were dissatisfied with the range of activities. As to female results, the percentage of very satisfied, satisfied, and dissatisfied respondents seems quite similar ranging from 30% to 35%. The figures of the club facilities did not differ much between female and male respondents, being almost the same.
    Taking it all into account, it can be inferred from the table that the level of satisfaction shows what is the most important for both women and men. Female tend to be less satisfied with the range of activities, while male do not like the opening hours.

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    Re: which IELTS band could I get?

    or just any comments... please help me. I'm sort of anxious....

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    Re: which IELTS band could I get?

    city sports club range of activities- here, I think the possessive would work better
    Female and male respondents were taken separately- the verb here is wrong- it could be that they were interviewed separately, or that the results were presented separately
    of he female- typo
    very satisfied with opening hours- sepcific hours, so use an article
    there was only about a half of all men satisfied- I'd delete 'there was'... were very satisfied

    There's one point that doesn't make sense to me- 25% of women are very dissatisfied with the opening hours and 50% are satified, yet you use this to show that men are more dissatisfied - what percentage of men are very dissatisfied? I think that your comparing to different things- dissatisfied and very dissatisfied, aren't you?

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