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    quiver full of arrows


    I'd like to ask for help on what this phrase means. Thank you.

    "to keep my quiver full of arrows against the day of dire need."

    From my quick search on Google, quiver full is an allusion to a bible phrase. I have a 'bit' of understanding but still can't figure out what it really means.

    I want to know your personal understanding about this. Big thanks!

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    Re: quiver full of arrows

    A quiver is a case for arrows, worn on an archer's back.

    If an archer's case is full of arrows he is as prepared as he can be for hunting or fighting.

    Used metaphorically, as in your quoted sentence, he is preparing himself as well as he is able to face future difficulties.

    In future posts, please tell us the source of any text you quote, and write a full sentence.
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