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    Both have/had watched

    I think both sentences are correct. However, I’m unsure in what context must (1) be in order for it to be correct.
    For (2), I think past perfect (had watched) should be correct since “disliked” is in the past tense.

    1. Both Pete and Audrey have watched that movie and they disliked it.

    2. Both Pete and Audrey had watched that movie and they disliked it.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Both have/had watched

    It depends on the circumstances under which they watched it. #2 doesn't sound very natural to me- I don't see the need for the past perfect. If you're talking about when it was on at the cinema, then the simple past would be enough for me. There would have to be a reason to use the past perfect- has the film been pulled off the market and is not available to watch?

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