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    $20.12 = twenty point twelve dollars?


    $20.12: twenty dollars and twelve cents.

    I'd like to ask if we can say 'twenty point twelve dollars' in spoken English?


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    Re: $20.12 = twenty point twelve dollars?

    It sounds very strange to me. We normally say "20 dollars and 12 cents" or just "twenty twelve".

    As a kid I was taught that the numbers after a decimal point should be read digit by digit, so it would be wrong to say "point twelve" under any circumstance. It would have to be "point one two". But still, I've never heard anyone use it with currency (unless they're reading stock prices).
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    Re: $20.12 = twenty point twelve dollars?

    The same is true in the UK- we would not say twenty point twelve pounds, or point one two.

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