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Thread: Word Query

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    Word Query

    What is the perfect word used to describe people who "love to sleep a lot, generally oversleeps and can get asleep whenever they want to"?

    I think 'Narcolepsy' or 'sleepyhead' doesn't fit.

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    Re: Word Query

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasnat Nahid View Post
    What is the perfect word used to describe people who (no need for quotation marks here or at the end) love to sleep a lot, generally oversleeps oversleep and can get fall asleep whenever they want to?

    I think 'narcolepsy' or 'sleepyhead' doesn't don't fit.
    Welcome to the forum.

    Note my corrections above.

    "Narcolepsy" certainly doesn't work - that's the noun for the illness from which people fall asleep suddenly, with no warning and potentially at very inopportune and dangerous moments - you're looking for an adjective or an adjectival noun (a narcoleptic). However, your description doesn't describe a narcoleptic.
    "Sleepyhead" works for someone who sleeps a lot or someone who looks particularly tired. It has nothing to do with the rest of your description.

    The simple answer is that there is no single word which describes a person who has all those characteristics.
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