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Thread: Verb Force

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    Post Verb Force

    Hi every one

    I have question about verb force

    please these two sentences :
    1- she forced the windows shut
    2- she forced him to eat

    1- in sentence 1 there is ( To ) after the object but it's not in sentence 2 , why ?
    2- in sentence 1 Can I say she forced the windows to shut or to close

    thank you in advanced....

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    Re: Verb Force

    Quote Originally Posted by ahmadm91 View Post
    Hi everyone.

    I have a question about the verb "force".

    Please (there must be a word missing here) these two sentences:

    1- She forced the windows shut.
    2- She forced him to eat.

    A- In sentence 1, there is "to" after the object but it's not in sentence 2. Why?
    B- In sentence 1, can I say "She forced the windows to shut or to close"?

    Thank you in advanced advance. (No need for a string of dots or emoticons here.)
    Welcome to the forum.

    Note my corrections to your post above.

    It's very confusing to use the numbers 1 and 2 twice. I have changed the second to A and B. A doesn't make sense - you said that in sentence 1, the word "to" appears, but there is no "to" in sentence 1.

    In answer to B, you can say "She forced the windows to shut/close" but it's not the same as "She forced the windows shut".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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