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    How should the following 'presented' be used?

    Which of the following sentences is more appropriate?
    1) Most of the opinions presented were far from original.
    2) Most of the presented opinions were far from original.

    I learned that if a past particle is used alone without any additional phrase like by..., then, it should come before the noun such as "a broken glasses", whereas if it includes some additional phrase, it should be put after the noun such as "glasses broken by him last night". So if I follow this rule, No.2 sounds better. However, what I saw on the textbook is No.1 sentence. I'm a little confused about the usage of the past particle. If both are correct, is there any difference in its connotation?

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    Re: How should the following 'presented' be used?

    Number 1 is more natural.
    I am not a teacher.

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