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    Can I write like ....


    Can I write like the following:

    Languages Known : English, Hindi & a little bit Tamil.



  2. sheena55ro

    Re: Can I write like ....

    Languages spoken : Hindi, ...etc

    or, I can speak English, Hindi and a little Tamil


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    Re: Can I write like ....

    Is this for a resume or CV? If so, I'd say something like:

    Fluent in English and Hindi; can also speak some Tamil.

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    Re: Can I write like ....

    Hi Sheena55ro

    What audience are you wanting to write for??

    If, like Ouisch queried, you are writing a CV- I would advise you to write in the language that the reader speaks in (i.e. if you are applying for an English job write in English) and then say you are fluent in other languages

    Good luck!

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