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    near to the <tip plane>

    According to the following figure(please see the explanations under the figure below), Is use of "near to the tip plane" in the following sentences correct grammatically and conceptually? If it is not , kindly suggest ways to make it clearer.

    From Figs. 12(c) and 13(c), near to the tip plane, low entropy generation region in the CTB is considerably greater than that in the VTB, because there is a larger separation profile in the CTB than the VTB.

    CTB=constant thickness blade
    VTB=constant thickness blade

    The explanations under the figure:

    Fig 12. Contours of the global entropy generation rate at near hub, mid-span, near tip planes in the CTB.

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    Re: near to the <tip plane>

    In the second paragraph you are lacking a definite article.

    From Figs ... tip plane, 'the' low entropy etc.

    Otherwise everything is perfect.
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