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Thread: round us out

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    Smile round us out

    Hello. Would you please tell me what the underlined part means in this context below? Does it mean 'Maya made all the differnt friends put together' or something?
    Thank you.

    --------from <Shingaling> by R. J. Palacio

    As I got to know everyone a little better, I realized that maybe I didn't have as much in common with them as I would have liked.
    It turned out that Lina, Megan, and Rand were all super into sports. So there was this whole world of soccer games and swim meets and "away games" that Ellie and I couldn't really talk to them about. ...
    They never watched The Voice or American Idol. They had never even seen Le Miserables, for crying out loud! ...
    But as long as I had Ellie to talk to, with Maya there to round us out, everything was totally fine by me.
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    Re: round us out

    It means that Maya's presence added something to the group which would otherwise have been missing.
    I am not a teacher.

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