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    Why is B the correct answer?

    Hi, I solved a reading, related to a TOEFL test. I attached the picture of the question and the first paragraph of the reading, related to the question. I cannot understand why the correct answer is B, while I think it is C. Would you please explain it to me. Thanks a lot.

    One of the most significant evolutionary events that occurred on Earth was the transition of water-dwelling fish to terrestrial tetrapods (four-limbed organisms with backbones). Fish probably originated in the oceans, and our first records of them are in marine rocks. However, by the Devonian Period (408 million to 362 million years ago), they had radiated into almost all available aquatic habitats, including freshwater settings. One of the groups whose fossils are especially common in rocks deposited in fresh water is the lobe-finned fish.

    The above paragraph supports which of the following statements about fish evolution?
    A) Lobe-finned fish were among the earliest types of fish to appear.
    B) Fish began living in freshwater habitats only after originating elsewhere.
    C) Lobe-finned fish radiated into almost all available aquatic habitats.
    D) During the Devonian, Lobe-finned fish were more common in marine that in freshwater habitats.
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    Re: Why the correct answer is B?

    Note where the text first mentions lobe-finned fish. This will help you answer this question: does it say that lobe-finned fish radiated into different habitats?

    Questions require subject-verb inversion. Write Why is the correct answer​ b?
    I am not a teacher.

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