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    to pursue a line of questioning

    Eye-blocking is a nonverbal behavior that can occur when we feel threatened or don’t like what we see. Squinting and closing or shielding our eyes are actions that have evolved to protect the brain from seeing undesirable images. As an investigator, I used eye-blocking behaviors to assist in the arson investigation of a tragic hotel fire in Puerto Rico. A security guard came under immediate suspicion because the blaze broke out in an area where he was assigned. One of the ways we determined he had nothing to do with starting the fire was by asking him some specific questions as to where he was before the fire, at the time of the fire, and whether or not he set the fire. After each question I observed his face for any telltale signs of eye-blocking behavior. He blocked his eyes only when questioned about where he was when the fire started. Oddly, in contrast, he did not seem troubled by the question, “Did you set the fire?” This told me the real issue was his location at the time of the fire. He was questioned further by the investigators and eventually admitted to leaving his post to visit his girlfriend, who also worked at the hotel. Unfortunately, while he was gone, the arsonists entered the area he should have been guarding and started the fire. In this case, the guard’s eye-blocking behavior gave us the insight we needed to pursue a line of questioning that eventually broke the case open.

    What does to pursue a line of questioning mean?
    Does it mean "pursue(follow) a series of questions" or "find out a series of solutions"?

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    Re: to pursue a line of questioning

    It means to continue with a series of questions.

    DC Jones: Do you know Sarah Smith?
    Jane: No.
    DC Jones: Have you ever met her?
    Jane: No
    DC Jones: Did you kill Sarah?
    Jane: No.
    DC Jones: Did you assault her?
    Jane: No.
    DC Jones: Did you attack her with a knife?
    Jane: No.
    DC Jones: Did you hit her with something?
    Jane: No.
    DC Jones: Did you kill her accidentally?
    Jane: No.
    Jane's solicitor: Are you really going to pursue this line of questioning? My client has already said that she doesn't know Sarah Smith and had never met her.
    DC Jones: I will pursue this line of questioning until I'm satisfied with the responses.
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