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    Post Hello, dear People! I will be very thankful if somebody can check it!

    Hello, dear People! I will be very thankful if a native speaker or a teacher can check it!
    Here is the task: A personís worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status andmaterial possessions. Old-fashioned values, such as honour, kindness and trust, nolonger seem important.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

    **** Please let me know if you see any grammar mistakes or something is not clear.

    here is my answer:

    Many people are nowadays striving for wealth and social status. An average Joe wants to earn as much as possible in todayís capitalist world. It is not agreed that values such as honour, kindness and trust are less important than material possessions and play no role when it comes to judging a personís worth. Analyzing the respect of the people for the president of Uruguay as well as an example of an honoured teacher XXXXXXX will show this.

    Firstly, the personís worth does not decide his social status. For example, Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay gives 90 percent of his salary for charity. So, the respect for him was gained through his kindness and not his material possessions. Thus it makes it clear that these kinds of values are important.

    Secondly, it is now the often case that without trust and honour people can hardly be worth anything. For instance, my teacher XXXXXX, the founder of English school was always a big inspiration and motivation for others and his social status did not seem to be vital to him, though he was considered to be an honoured person. Hence it makes it understandable that material possessions are less essential when it comes to considering a personís worth.

    To sum up, I think that the personís worth cannot be judged according to social status, besides trust and honour are more significant than wealth. It is suggested that one should care more for honour, trust and kindness in order to be a respectful person in the society.

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    Re: Hello, dear People! I will be very thankful if somebody can check it!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Who gave you this task? When are you going to submit it to be marked?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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