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Thread: foot the bill?

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    foot the bill?


    I have one English question...

    Does 'let me foot the bill" mean that "let me pick up the tab"?

    The expression, "foot the bill", is commonly used ?

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    Re: foot the bill?

    "Foot the bill" means pay for it, similar to "picking up the tab." Usually, though a "tab" refers to a smaller amount, like the bill for dinner in a restaurant. "Foot the bill" usually (but not always) makes reference to a larger expense, such as: "Comerica Bank has agreed to foot the bill for the City of Detroit's new baseball park."

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    Re: foot the bill?

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    Re: foot the bill?

    Do you use the phrase "foot the bill" in daily speech?

    Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary[2]
    < foot the bill >
    to pay for something:
    - His parents footed the bill for his college education.
    - It was a business lunch, so the company is footing the bill.

    foot - Definition from Longman English Dictionary Online
    < foot the bill >
    to pay for something, especially something expensive that you do not want to pay for:
    - He ordered drinks and then left me to foot the bill!

    Indictment: Hussein fed money to spy for U.S. officials' trip -
    Saddam Hussein's intelligence agency footed the bill for a U.S. congressional delegation's trip during a buildup to the Iraq war, according to a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday in the case of an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen charged with spying for the Iraqi government.

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