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    "You don't wanna test me!"

    There's one expression, slang or a way of speech that I'm not sure what means. I don't really know if it's an expression at all, or if it means something else than the most obvious. Okey it's when people are saying "you don't wanna test me", "come test me and I'll beat you easily" etc. Does that mean: "you don't wanna challenge me" or something like that. Or does it just simply mean: "you don't wanna test me". It's maybe a weird question, but I just need to clarify this. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: "You don't wanna test me!"

    You're correct, it basically means "you don't want to challenge me." The person who says "you don't wanna test me" is usually confident that he'll win the confrontation.

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    Re: "You don't wanna test me!"

    Thanks a lot!

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