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    Indulgence of sentiment


    Can anybody explain to me what indulgence of sentiment means?

    Since that black-Friday morning Scallard had twice visited the scene of the tragedy, approaching it as if it were some awful shrine. The firing-chamber, purged of all frightful traces, wore, to his feverish fancy, a look of bestial meek complacence. It was in a sort of semi-basement, neat, gleaming, and spotlessly—oh yes, spotlessly!—clean. There was only one other, of its capacity, somewhere else in the Double Diker, and any indulgence of sentiment involving its temporary disuse would be expensive. It was, when Scallard saw it, still piled with ware as usual. Merely a pair of electricians had been fiddling glumly with the switch and testing the operation of the doors.

    John Metcalf, The Firing-chamber, 193?

    Thank you very much.
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