Here is another sample of my writing. It is a report. Would you please check it?

There have been some problems with the delivery of new equipment to your unit. Write a report to your CO informing him what happened. Write between 150-200 words.

TO: CO Jason Bourne
SUBJECT: Delivery delay
DATE: 21 January, 2017
The purpose of this report is to inform you about the delay of equipment which should arrive on 18 January. The possible cause of the delay is known.
Firstly, the order of new equipment was made on 18 January and it includes one thousand M4 assault rifle, two hundreds F1 grenades and five hundred bullet proof vests. The request was confirmed by the Brigade Commander, Col John Novak and was sent to the local facility.
Secondly, on 19 January our request was accepted by the manager of the facility and a notice was received regarding exact date of a convoy arrive.
Unfortunately, the convoy have had an accident on the main road. Another car have hit them with a high speed thirteen kilometers before the destination point. There were one heavy injured casualty, who was token to the nearest hospital by a helicopter.
In conclusion, we were assured that we will receive our order in next week due to the accident. Moreover, another convoy will drive a different route to avoid a traffic in the main road. Therefore, the manager estimate that the time of the convoy will be longer.