Someone asked me this question, which I'm afraid is beyond me & hence wonder if anyone around could shed some light, in understanding the question itself & if possible the possible answer.


Is it posible to use the concepts of Saussure to develop a thesis about a novel?
The novel in question is The Mistery of Edwin Drood by Dickens, the unexpected death of the author in 1870 left unfinished( in fact, exactly half done) at least temporarily, his first experience of detective fiction. Two years later, an American mechanic, Thomas P James, with little culture formation wrote in Brattleboro, Vermont in the US, the conclusion of the unfinished novel by automatic handwriting. According to him, the spirit Dickens was the author of the text. The purpose of this work is to explain the style, manner and ortograph between the two parts of the novel. If this topic is possible woul you please give any idea?