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    E-mail to other departments

    Please help me improve the following e-mails to other departments. Thank you.

    1) In response to your e-mail dated 11.01.2017 requesting for overnight parking your hydraulic platform vehicle (vehicle) at our nursery, we are sorry to inform you that after repeated considerations, we are unable to accommodate the parking of your vehicle at our nursery, considering we have already permitted the parking of a same kind of vehicle from the logistic department, effective from 02.2017, thus there will be no enough space for entertaining another such vehicle at the nursery at the same. Also, there are expected to be multi-thousands of plants and trees brought in and stored at the nursery for our daily operations and major activities in the upcoming financial year, which will dramatically limit the spare space for our own operation, not to mention to accommodate another vehicle parking at the nursery. To sum up, we trust that our nursery is not an appropriate area for your vehicle at this moment and to our understanding, your alternative option of parking the vehicle at the playground is surely a far better and feasible arrangement for all the parties.

    2) With reference to your e-mail dated 12.01.2017, I understand that to keep in line with the mutual agreement reached by all departments on 28.12.2016, you are preparing a proposal requesting for handing back 20 trees at the villages managed by your office to the Local Government and you intend to acquire our advice on this arrangement. Following revision of your proposal and checking of the trees concerned by our workers in recent weeks, we have in principle no objection to your proposed action and we hope you could kindly include 8 trees at the villages under our management in your proposal when submitting it for the Local Government's consideration. On the other hand, I would like to reply to your inquiry on 13.01.2017 that the 3 trees at our FKS Village were truly found severely damaged after the typhoon on 21.10.2016, whose roots and quite a few of branches were uprooted and broken respectively, which posed a considerable threat to public safety at that moment and were recorded as trees suggested to be removed. Thus, the areas in the vicinity of the trees were instantly enclosed while the trees were finally removed on 05.11.2016. To ensure the greenery at the area, the re-plantation of some trees at the same location is currently under our consideration.

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    Re: E-mail to other departments

    I'm curious to know why you insist on hyphenating "e-mail."

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