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    gave him a job lead

    My friend is looking for a job. He uses the term "job leads" a lot when he talks to me about his job search. I think a job lead is the information you get from someone about an open job. I am going to make up an example with it below.

    (ex) John was unemployed five months ago until his friend gave him a job lead for a fitness instructor. After being hired, he was really thankful for his help.

    Am I using the term "job leads" correctly? Please give me your feedback. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: gave him a job lead

    Answered here.

    We recommend posting a question on one forum only initially. If you do not get a satisfactory answer from that forum and you feel that you have exhausted its possibilities, then of course trying a different forum might help. It is only courteous however, to tell the second forum that you have already asked the question on another forum and then give a precis of the answers you received there, along with an explanation of why you are now looking elsewhere.


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