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    Dear Teacher,

    In Oxford dictionary it is written that " pleasure " is also a verb. Kindly tell me as to how to construct a sentence with " pleasure" using as a verb.

    Thanking you,


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    Re: Pleasure

    Was there no example given?

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    Re: Pleasure

    Pleasure \Pleas"ure\, v. i.
    To take pleasure; to seek pursue pleasure; as, to go
    [1913 Webster]

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    Re: Pleasure

    Bernadetta wrote:

    To take pleasure; to seek pleasure; as, to go pleasuring
    I would note that in the first two examples here, 'pleasure' is acting as the noun or object in the phrase

    In regards to 'pleasuring'- I would say that this is the verb usage, though not commonly used in this way- (to go pleasuring)

    Rather, the more traditional ways of using the verb 'pleasure' can be found in:

    He pleasured himself


    He was pleasuring himself

    (No crudeness intended)!

    Hope I'm not treading on any toes here

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    Re: Pleasure

    Many English words can be pressed into service as another part of speech, but you have to be careful. Impact (to the chagrin of many purists) has successfully made the transition from noun to verb. Pleasure sounds awkward to my ear when used as anything but a noun We're here for your pleasure, or an adjective This is just a pleasure trip.

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    Re: Pleasure

    Mykwyner- You make some valid observations

    Yes- whilst 'pleasure' can be used as a verb, it is rarely used in this way

    Rather, 'pleasure' most often occurs in a noun or adjective form

    Also- in regards to the initial point in this thread- the OED list pleasure as a verb purely because it can be used in such a manner- but does not say if it occurs commonly

    I seldom hear 'pleasure' being used in it's verb form- though I do recognise it's existence

  7. matilda

    Re: Pleasure

    i thind TAKING pleasure is a verb , not Pleasure by itself

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    Re: Pleasure

    Matilda- in the example you gave 'pleasure' is turned into it's noun form realised through the verb 'taking'

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    Re: Pleasure

    Hello Murli

    "To pleasure" in its intransitive sense is very rare. It is most likely to occur in its ing-form, as Bernadetta says: "to go pleasuring", i.e. "to go looking for pleasure".

    "To pleasure" in its transitive sense is also quite rare; it means "to gratify", and (as thestudentproofreader suggests) usually carries an implication of sexual pleasure.

    Perhaps the most famous example of the transitive form occurs in an entry in the journal of the Duchess of Marlborough (died 1744), where she writes:

    1. His Grace returned from the wars today and pleasured me twice in his topboots.

    This means:

    2. The Duke came back from the war today. We had sexual intercourse twice. He did not remove his boots.

    (In other words, the Duke was in some haste.)


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    Wink Re: Pleasure

    Dear MrPedantic,

    Thank you for your very detailed explanation. I really thank you very much that you always go an extra mile for me to explain it to me. I do nothing in return. As an aggressive and avid learner of English, I salute you once again, MrPedantic.

    Thank you,


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