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    the use of prepositions

    HI at all!

    Could you tell me why you use the preposition "in" instead of "of" in this sentence: "Even at the more progressive butlers academies, fewer than one "in" four trainees were females".
    Is there a particular rule in English or the preposition "in" is a collocation of the previous "one"?


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    Re: the use of prepositions

    Simply that when talking about ratios, we use "in".

    - You have a one in a billion chance of winning the lottery.
    - Two in five people have been hit by a car.
    - Seven in ten schoolchildren want to go to university.
    - This hill has a one in six incline. (You will see roadsigns with a picture of a slope with 1:6 written along the slope - of course, other numbers can be used in the second half.)

    For the second and third examples, you could replace "in" with "out of every", and you will hear just "out of".

    Two out of five people ...
    Two out of every five people ...
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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