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    one question on "enough"


    Could you help me with the usage of "enough"?

    I know that enough comes either before or after a noun.

    Like this:

    I have enough money.
    I have money enough.

    Then, is it correct to put ' an infinite verb phrase' to at the end of both the sentneces?

    For example:

    I have enough money to go to Europe.
    I have money enough to go to Europe.

    Both are correct?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: one question on "enough"

    The position of "enough" in a sentence depends on whether it is realeted with a noun or an adjective. If it is a noun, "enough' ALWAYS comes BEFORE it - He does not have enough money. If it is an adjective, "enough" is AFTER the adjective - rich enough.

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    Re: one question on "enough"

    So, the first one is correct.

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