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    Implicit reproach


    Can anybody explain to me what the bold text means?

    It had been one of those shocking, frightful things that sicken the imagination, and it had happened here, at the old Double Diker potteries, barely a half mile from his vicarage. A poor fellow in the night shift, about to come off duty, had gone into the firing-chamber, presumably to cast a last glance over the stacks of recently glazed china. The switch of the electric current which would presently raise the temperature of that
    fourteen by eight foot space to several hundreds of degrees had been thrown in, and—the twin automatic doors had slid to after him. His shouts and frantic batterings had been unheard, and it was not until some twenty minutes had passed that his mates missed him. Then, as the ghastly possibility occurred to them, they had run to the chamber and opened its doors. The smoking, cindery object that fell out on them bore no resemblance to Bert Winsham.
    ‘Oh Lord, how could You . . .!’ The reproach was implicit, but would have been no sharper or more poignantly bewildered if spoken in so many words.

    The Firing-chamber by John Metcalfe, 193?

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Implicit reproach

    The unspoken words were just as clear a questioning rebuke as if they'd actually been spoken.
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