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Thread: Please Help

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    Please Help

    Hi there,
    I have a problem that my English listening is not good and it gets worst at that time than group of people having taking and I canít get it in one time after two times I can understand thatís very embarrassing moment am so upset about it.
    And also am a poor listener.
    Please tell me tips for listening and solution for poor listening I appreciate that.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Please Help

    I have French as my second language. When people speak fast it can be a problem for me. I hope it just takes time and practice to overcome.

    If people are aware you are new to English, I am sure most will try to slow down for you, if you let them know. Some people are better than others about that type of thing. Also, how well they actually speak could be a factor as well as regional accents.

    Do not be embarrased.


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    Re: Please Help

    Hi, sonia,
    I'd advise watching films with subtitles. Take one and watch it over and over again. Besides you can transcribe recorded stories ( listen and write down sentence by sentence) and then compare with the transcript.
    Best wishes!

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    Re: Please Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Saxonlight

    Do not be embarrased.
    I agree with this totally- I am a beginner student of a language now and often have to ask my teacher to repeat things a few times.


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