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    am going to watch / am watching


    '...I have never flown on a 747 before. It takes 20 hours to get to Rome. I _________ (watch) films all the way. I can't wait!'

    The key: am going to watch

    The source: New Headway Elementry (page 97)

    I'd like to ask if it is certainly wrong to put 'am watching' instead? I know it sounds weird, but I'd still like to know it is not OK in terms of grammar.


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    Re: am going to watch / am watching

    Only am going to watch works in careful speech with the tenses preceding the phrase. However, it's not unusual in casual speech to use the present continuous to describe an activity one plans to engage in in the future. I'd end the continuous version with an exclamation mark: ​I'm watching films all the way!
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: am going to watch / am watching

    I would use "I'll be watching" in the above.

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