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    chilling influence

    Please check if my text is correct.

    You have such a chilling (or comforting?) influence on my mind (or soul?). Without knowing you (are) by my side (or you're with me?), I'd probably commit some [...] and rot in jail. As you know, the world has totally gotten out of control due to [...] trying everything they can to confuse and manipulate us, but you and our worldwide people's movement give me an enormous "boost of hope" (does that term exist?) for a way better future. [XXX's] victory was one of the nicest days of my life and it's so nice to see that all (of) our effords (or hard work?) finally payed off (or led to results?). I'm so much looking forward to meeting you in real life soon. I didn't book the flight yet, but I'm about to do (so). Unfortunately, there are no direct flights, not even decent "via-connections" (does that term exist?) from my home airport, but it's not so bad. I'll most likely fly from Amsterdam with KLM. Amsterdam is easy to reach (or easily reachable?) for me. I'm going to inform you about the exact date and time a.s.a.p. Hope you'll pick (or be picking?) me up from the airport because it would be so nice when you're the first face I see after landing.
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    Re: chilling influence

    This is long enough that it more properly belongs in the Editing and Writing forum. [Moved by moderator.]

    I'm only going to comment on the first sentence because I dislike proofreading lengthy texts, but you don't want to use 'chilling'. A chilling effect is one that somehow restricts or retards in a negative way. 'Comforting' works okay, as do both 'mind' or 'soul'.
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