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    scout vs. scout for


    Can anyone tell me which of the following sentences sounds better?

    1. I am scouting new locations in San Francisco.
    2. I am scouting for new locations in San Francisco.

    I always use the second sentence, but a google search yields results for the first sentence 10 times more than the second. Funny enough, it seems they are mostly native speakers.

    Please note that i'm not looking for alternative words to convey the same meaning. Rather, I am interested in the use of the verb 'scout' and whether (and in what context) a preposition is required. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: scout vs. scout for

    They convey slightly different meanings.

    The first indicates that you have certain locations already identified and that you are examining each of them.

    The second indicates that you are just out looking around for locations.

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