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Thread: Footer pools

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    Footer pools


    Can anybody tell me what the author means by footer pools?

    It can have been scarcely five minutes later at the most, would say the man who had gone out into the yard, that he came back. He had reproached himself, fleetingly, for leaving the door unlocked, yet it had seemed, at the time, a very minor lapse. He was, technically, on guard-duty, with two others, over the whole building—but tramping about had got boring and he admitted having sat down for a little quiet study of the footer pools. He had preferred—bad luck again—the yard ablutions-room to one inside because the shed was stuffy and he had wanted just a breath of air. Returning, he had immediately settled to his pools once more. So engrossed was he that he did not, probably, till some while after they had started, hear the cries—and when he did hear them he remained incredulous, though, naturally, scared.

    John Metcalfe, The Firing-chamber, 193?

    Thank you very much.
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    Re: Footer pools

    In the UK, the "football pools" or "footie pools" used to be a weekly betting scheme where people would try to predict ten results (win, score-draw or no-score draw) from the following week's matches. They would mark their choices on a long slip of paper and then hand them over to the "pools collector" along with the week's fee. I assume this is the same thing. I think some variants call football "footer". So it seems as if he was studying the following week's matches and was trying to predict the outcomes so he could complete the form.
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    Re: Footer pools

    The football pools are still around.

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