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  1. matilda

    Talking 176-one-stop services

    dear all.
    i'm translating a business letter and i couldn't underestand the meaning of a sentence. would you mind explaining it for me?
    here's the sentence.
    The Fair will serve as your platform to enjoy "one-stop" services for purchasing commodities with competitive prices from japan.
    what does this sentence want to say generally? and what does the red part mean?
    thanks all

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    Wink Re: 176-one-stop services

    It means a customer can purchase whatever he/she wants to purchase in one place and yet at competitive price. Red part means uniqueness of all commodities available in one place. That is a customer need not run from pillar to post to buy the products of their choice.

    I doubt whether I made you understand.

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    Re: 176-one-stop services

    "one-stop services"

    Picture a shop or a store that sells not only milk, but vegetables, clothing, automotive parts, medicines and household appliances. (Similar to a Wal-Mart, in case you've ever been to one.) This is an example of "one-stop shopping", or "one-stop services." Everything a person might want to purchase is at one central location.

    As another example, the Fair mentioned in your letter might be a computer exposition. "One-stop services" would mean that not only would there be computers for sale, but also ink cartridges, paper, laptops, carrying cases, software, keyboards, extra RAM, digital cameras, etc. Everything a person might want to purchase.

  4. matilda

    Talking Re: 176-one-stop services

    thank you

    i underestood it completely

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