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    follow a trail by nose for more than 100 miles.

    Our primary sense is vision, occupying up to one*third of our brain. A dog’s brain, however, is centered on smell. ①It holds at least 20 times more olfactory neurons than the human brain. ②This is why a dog is generally more sensitive to movement but sees only about 75 percent of the detail we see. ③According to San Diego animal behaviorist Dennis Fetko, the best man*made instruments for smell can detect a chemical in amounts as small as one trillionth of a gram. ④But a bloodhound dog can detect from a distance what the instruments cannot detect at the source! ⑤It is believed that a bloodhound can accurately follow a trail by nose for more than 100 miles.

    Does the underlined mean "the dog can actually move along the trail for more than 100 miles" or "the dog can detect the smell 100 miles away"?

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    Re: follow a trail by nose for more than 100 miles.

    It means the dog is able to follow the same scent for over 100 miles.
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