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    Well, I posted this question about the origin of the subject in "Ask A Teacher" forum but I guess it rather belongs here. So, does anyone know the story behind the slang expression "L7"?

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    Re: L7

    "L" and "7" go together. they resemble a square shape
    And Square(adj) in my opinion it means a person who is dull and boring.

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    Re: L7

    Thanks a lot, nemesiser! :)

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    Re: L7

    L7 was a term used back in the mid 60s, meaning square, as in "not hip" or "uncool". Remember the song by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, "Wooly Bully," one line was "let's not be L7.

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    Re: L7

    Hello GrannyJules,

    So does it mean
    a) only people who remember the 60s understand it?
    b) it sounds odd nowadays?

    BTW I somehow feel you are on my wavelength I enjoyed reading your posts.


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