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    Information has thus become separated from meaning.

    Microsoft senior research fellow Malcolm Slaney and Cambridge University professor Jason Rentfrow advocated dispensing with physical copies of documents and mail, and all the filing, sorting, and locating that they entail. Computer*based digital archives are more efficient in terms of storage space, and generally quicker in terms of retrieval. But many of us still find something soothing and satisfying about handling physical objects. Memory is multidimensional, and our memories for objects are based on multiple attributes. Think back to your experience with file folders, the physical kind. You might have had an old beat*up one that didn’t look like the others and that — quite apart from what was inside it or written on it — evoked your memories of what was in it. Physical objects tend to look different from one another in a way that computer files don’t. All bits are created equal. The same 0s and 1s on your computer that render junk mail also render the magnificent beauty of Mahler’s fifth symphony or Monet’s Water Lilies. In the medium itself, there is nothing that __________________. So much so that if you looked at the digital representation of any of these, you would not even know that those zeros and ones were representing images rather than text or music. Information has thus become separated from meaning.

    Do "information" and "meaning" mean "something like 0s and 1s on your computer" and "represented images, text or music." respectively or the other way around?

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    Re: Information has thus become separated from meaning.

    Information is the medium -- the 0s and 1s or the old, beat up folder.

    Meaning is the content (what is represented) -- Mahler's fifth symphony.
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