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    overpopulation in cities

    Nowadays it is really a tangible problem for a lot of big cities to accommodate that huge amount of people with all their needs. Even continuously growing rate of development in different fields of human life can`t tackle some issues caused by the overpopulation in urban areas, so it is mainly up to those who are closer to the problems to stand up and fight them back.

    Since overpopulation means a lot of different cultures in a relatively little area, one of the first problems is a cross-cultural interaction. For example, it is very hard for different racial minorities to put up and understand each other. Accepting values from divergent group may be another instance of onerous work which is not always done by many of cultural representatives and hence resulting in a problem. As a result there appear ethnocentrism and prejudice which have notorious impact on society. Second noticeable trouble is a lack of job. We can easily notice it in the percentage of unemployed people in big cities. Consequently citizens are forced to take low paid occupations and even commit crimes to get the goods which they aren`t able to pay for.

    It is important that actions are taken to combat these problems. Local governments should advocate that all cultures have equal rights and that all values are equally important. They can do it by taking an active part in sponsorship of events which will create intimacy and close relationships between citizens. For example such an event can be the day of the city after which all citizens will perceive themselves as a whole entity regardless of nationality and origin. Religious leaders have to retreat from their principles at least a little bit and show respect to other religion, it will immediately lead to reconciliation and acceptance between most cultures since a lot of them have roots in religion. For instance churches can
    Invite people of different religions on they services and acquaint them with their faiths values. Parents must bring up they children so that latter knew from the very beginning that getting a job is very hard if you are not an expert in your field and started learning their stuff from the elementary school in order to be on demand on the labor market in future. Such bringing up is not hard at all. It is enough for parents just to talk about unemployment to their children at least a few times per month.

    To conclude, we have to stop procrastinating problem solving and undertake actions against this acute problem. Even that there is an overpopulation with its troubles we still have an opportunity of troubleshooting. We have to start from ourselves and remember that later mean never.

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    Re: overpopulation in cities

    Hello oobarbazanoo, and welcome to the forum.

    What was the essay question/prompt for the above, and where did you get it?

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