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    Re: baffled native speaker

    no but i'll certainly try it. thank you tdol!

  2. sheena55ro

    Re: baffled native speaker

    Quote Originally Posted by -->nicole.
    i have trouble pronouncing certain doesn't sound terrible, my mistakes are kinda subtle but i'm very self consciencous about them.
    problem words and fragments
    english class
    ashley (the name)
    ask (depends on what's before it..i say ax sometimes)
    *fragment* wants to take class (saying that fast is hard)
    and others....
    L's are mean to me...why?? it sounds like i have a lot of spit in my mouth or something when saying those words. please help

    I am very surprised at having found out [from your personal profile] that your first language is English . How can that be possible ? And you still have problems with the pronounciation of the English words? Then you need specialised dictionaries in words pronunciation [sites specialised in phonetics and phonology]

    All the best,
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    Re: baffled native speaker

    lol no one in romania has a speech impediment? it's not like i can't say them, only sometimes they sound "airy" or"slushy", as i mentioned.

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