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    Exclamation How to answer if we don't clearly understand the prompt?

    Hi there.

    I found this prompt online which I don't understand. Please help me how to write an essay without clearly understand it.

    Disscuss some of the ways in which human beings can treat others as less than human. Does this enduring feature of our experience have to do with human nature it self? If not what is cause? What if anything can be done to make the situation better?

    What I understand about the prompt : Are there some human superior than other? if yes how should we treat inferior humans. The inferiority and superiority is just a human nature or conditioned and if it is not natural what is the cause of superiority complex. how can we make the environment better so everyone will feel equal.

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    Re: How to answer if we don't clearly understand the prompt?

    It's not about whether some people are inferior, but whether we feel that they are and what drives us to see people as lesser. The questions are trying to dig away at this issue.

    This is a language question, not a question about the functioning of the forum, so please post such questions in a language area of the forum.Thanks.

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