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    Come and get it.

    A : Dinner is ready. Come and get it.
    B : Wait a minute. The TV show is almost finished.

    When you ask someone to have a meal, do you usually say "Come and get it."?
    Or does the expression vary depending on who the asked is? Can it be either polite form or impolite form depending on who you are asking? What about these?

    * Help yourself!
    * Have a mean!
    * Please eat now!

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    Re: Come and get it.

    Usage is going to vary from person to person. I've only used it on a few occasions when I was cooking for a large group of people, who weren't even nearby when the food was ready.

    It isn't impolite, but it is very informal. I would never use it in a formal situation.

    It's a stereotype from movies where some mess cook or trail cook is summoning in a group of cowboys or soldiers.

    Your first alternate would work if the people were already seated at the table with the food.

    The second one doesn't make any sense. What is 'a mean'?

    The third one would work in certain circumstances.

    Some other expressions you could use if everyone is already seated at the table are:
    Dig in. (very informal)
    Let's eat.
    Let's begin.

    To call people to the table you could say:
    Lunch/dinner/supper is ready.
    The food's on the table.
    The food's ready.
    Let's eat, everyone.
    Come to lunch/dinner/supper/breakfast.
    We're ready to eat.
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