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    What to do on a demo

    Hi everybody, I am trying to get a job as an english tutor for Korean students in the Philippines. They asked me to do a 15 to 30 minute demo just to see how I interact with the students. I need some suggestions like what topic to choose and what other things I should do during the demo? Thanks.

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    Re: What to do on a demo

    Firstly, I'd check out the sort of syllabus they use- if they are into grammar and you do a communicative lesson, vice versa, it might not go down too well.

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    remember your best teacher and the way he/she presented the lesson, and the way you always preferred to be thought.
    use that way and BE SURE students will CERTAINLY enjoy the method you have enjoyed during the time you were a student.

    relax and be trust yourself

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    Re: What to do on a demo

    Well, as an English teacher myself, I think it depends on what age group you are teaching. Is it kindergarteners (3-6 year olds)? Or Primary schoold children? Are you going to teach in a school? or private lessons at the homes?
    If you are doing private lessons at home, there are a number of things that you need to find out first. Some parents what you to teach only oral English ( everyday english) while others want more practical help (online worksheets would help that).

    I hope that helps.

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    Re: What to do on a demo

    Dear Ajay
    Before you start you need to find out what they already know - so you don't go in and teach that.
    Pick a new grammatical structure to teach them, and use familiar vocabulary - that way you won't be teaching them all new stuff in a short demo. My approach would be to have the children using the new structure by the end of the demo - to show that you get results and the pupils enjoy it.

    If you have beginners then I would teach a handful of new words or very short sentences, such as "I like butter". If the goal is to have the students using the language by the time the demo is up then you don't want to be over ambitious.

    I would do this using games - now my experience is with beginners to intermediates, and mostly children. That's no doubt why I find games to be the best method of teaching - and especially in terms of interacting well with the class. (The pupils love you.)
    Referring to the above post which asks what the emphasis should be - whether speaking or writing, you can use games for either - but they are particularly effective for listening and speaking.

    Also, if you are going in with games and activities, then have a few spare ones under your belt so you can drop what you are doing if you see it isn't working.

    I would be pleased to put up a suitable game for you to try here if you let me know the size of your class and the age, and the level.
    Let me say now that if you are teaching advanced adults then that is not really my area of expertise.
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards
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