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Thread: Need checking!

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    Need checking!

    Hi. I have done some translation. Would someone pls check whether the grammar is correct or not. Also, pls tell me if the sentence doesnt make any sense to you.
    Many thanks in advance.

    1) These few years, research on embryonic stem cells has been very controversial.

    2) Many basic science research is conducted until new therapies can be tried and tested.

    3) Nucleus usually consists of one proton or more and, in most cases, a few neutrons.

    4) If there were any transport which could travel at light speed, he would have been able to prove his theory.

    5) Besides synthesizing adenosine triphospate molecule, a chemical compound which serves as an energy source, mitochondria also have other important functions as well.

    6) If it were what it was supposed to be, the substance should have precipitated from the suspension.

    7) If you keep doing some unrelated things, surely you would depart greatly from the main objective of this experiment.

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    Re: Need checking!

    1) These few years,-In recent years
    Many basic science Much basic scientific
    A nucleus
    5 molecules?
    7 I would remove 'some' .... will depart

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    Re: Need checking!


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