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    a very smitten man

    Which are correct:

    1) He was a very smitten man.
    2) He was a much smitten man.
    3) He was a very much smitten man.

    4) He was very smitten.
    5) He was much smitten.
    6) He was very much smitten.


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    Re: a very smitten man

    None of these are very natural, but with that, only #1 and #4 work consistently for me. #6 could work in limited contexts. Of these, I find #4 the most natural.

    After a moment's consideration, I guess #5 is grammatical, although it sounds very archaic and unnatural to my ear.

    It's more natural to use it as a transitive verb, and include some kind of prepositional phrase indicating by whom/what or with what the subject is smitten with.
    He was smitten by her beauty.
    The village was smitten with disease.

    'Smite' isn't widely used. Note that when used intransitively, it only carries the meaning of 'to deliver a blow', which makes all of your examples less natural.
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    Re: a very smitten man

    It's OK in BrE without explaining specifically what he/she is smitten with.

    Jane: Tom and Kerry are good friends, aren't they?
    Sam: I think it might be more than that for Kerry?
    Jane: What do you mean?
    Sam: Well, I know they're only 6 but Kerry's completely smitten!
    Jane: Ohhh, that's so sweet.

    It is implicit in the above exchange that Kerry is smitten with Tom.
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