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    definite article---points A and B/the points A and B

    Hello teachers,


    I am having a new confusion!

    Here are a few sentences from a paragraph:

    Let points A and B be outside of circle w. Through the points A and B are drawn tangents AM and BN to [the] circle w. Prove that if the segment AB intersects the circle w, then AB > AM + BN, and if it does not intersect, then ABAM + BM.

    Is the definite article before points correct here? If yes, is it because the said points have already been mentioned in the previous sentence?
    Going by the same logic, should a definite article be inserted before the word circle? (within the square brackets)

    The author is inconsistent with such usage of the definite article.

    Source: Geometric Inequalities, by Sedrakyan (pre-press)

    Thank you!

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    Re: definite article---points A and B/the points A and B

    I would either use no articles or both.

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