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    Trying to come up with a title for a story...

    Hi all,

    A friend of mind has just completed writing a long story. Now she's wondering what the title could be in English. My word-to-word translation of the title from Persian would be, 'A Miracle in Frustration'. The story being, I suppose, about a girl who's fighting a disease, and while hopeless and frustrated she finds an old letter from her dad whom she'd lost when a child. And, afterwards things take a turn and [...].

    So, would you ever go for this title? Or, can you please kindly suggest any better one? (Suitable for a literary style, indeed)

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Trying to come up with a title for a story...

    Consider These:

    A Miracle after Despair.
    A Miracle in the Face of Despair.

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